Loverboy case Valkenburg: and that is the second suicide!

Our loverboyserver glowed red again, so that means we have news about the filthy pimp shop in Valkenburg. After in February the dirty butt, caught in the act of fucking a minor girl, pulled herself out of the gene pool it was yesterday againparty touch. Suspicious number two did not take it anymore and put an end to his life. We will say nothing about the dead, but thanks! The less dirty the better.

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However, we at MWNW are very concerned about our fellow man, and of course we ask ourselves a few things. For example, during the offensive, the dirty pimp Armin A. would have been found on the toilet while he was shitting quietly. According to Armin’s lawyer, he was only there to protect his girlfriend while voluntarily sexing with older dirty toes. That there is a customer list and all used condoms are found (about 50) asks us some questions. Which 16-year-old girl would voluntarily let herself be fucked by about 50 to 80 men? Why was there a customer list? Was this girl a voluntary whore with enormous ambitions? Why did Armin A. stay in the neighborhood (shit on the toilet) when his girlfriend wanted it all voluntarily? Why do not the dirty tips sound like a bad thing, except for the shit smell?

Our imagination goes something like this: you are an older man who for whatever reason wants to fuck a ‘nice teenage girl’. You call a pimp, and that is an immigrant. If you want to make an appointment, you have to come to a hotel somewhere in Valkenburg. You have arranged all of that, and you go on retegeil. Once you arrive at the hotel you will meet the girl and the pimp. Both look young, and there is no alarm bell ringing, because that vibrant piece of meat in your pants has taken over your body. You go to work, and the pimp goes to the toilet to shit nice and quiet while beingwhore girlfriend gets a wipe. Where in this whole process does the stupid think: ‘maybe this is not entirely right’? If you slide the condom of your little general and want to dump it in the trash, you’ll see a lot of other condoms. Again is not a bell ringing? Young girl, immigrant boy stays very close, hotel, full trash. No one who thinks: “What have I done now! Quickly warn the police! ”
And now commit mass suicide because you are a suspect. And your life is destroyed by the OM, for which tribute. But you forget that a girl has been exploited by a dirty amateur pimp out of money.

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Binding advice from MWNW: hopeful! Only end it. In the end, society costs much less. Would the OM only wish to place Amir A. under supervision? We would not want this Total Dick to get away easily with these kind of dirty practices.